25 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist

SMD_OHIO_January-1-25-blog-ideasYou are starting to blog – now what? Generating topic ideas is half the battle, so we brainstormed and created a list of possibilities.Remember, blogs don’t need to be long… just full of useful, sharable content.

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1. Answer a real estate question you’ve been asked
2. Analyze local market updates
3. Create a video blog instead of writing
4. How-tos for buying, selling, staging, etc
5. What to do before you buy/sell
6. Mortgage facts
7. Neighborhood updates and things to doblurb
8. Neighborhood history
9. Story about buying
10. Story about selling
11. Beautiful photos of a home
12. Design inspiration
13. DIY home ideas
14. Your local community organizations/charities
15. Video tour of neighborhood or property
16. Why you became a real estate agent
17. Local business profile
18. Tips to buying a foreclosure or short sale
19. Final walkthrough tips
20. Home safety tips
21. Types of mortgages
22. Down payment Q&A
23. Favorite local shops
24. Home maintenance tips
25. Kid or pet-friendly housing ideas

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Google Authorship: Your Picture in Search Results

Google Authorship

We’ve all seen it. You Google something and magically a person’s image appears by an article, website or blog. Now, your photo could pop up by your listings in the search results if you set up Google Authorship.

Why set up Google Authorship?

  1. It gets you noticed. Photos catch the eye and increase visibility and clicks.
  2. Content claimed by an author is viewed as more credible than unclaimed content.
  3. Most people and/or companies haven’t set up Google Authorship yet. So break through the clutter.
  4. People trust a friendly face. Get your face in search results.
  5. Google Authorship can improve clicks by 30 to 150%! (Source: Catalyst)

Once you’ve set it up, Google automatically displays your image by any content you have authored.

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up Google Authorship.

SMD-RES-NOV_p1Please note: it may take Google a couple hours or a several weeks to show your image.

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Videolicious: Create and Share Your Own Property Videos

Videolicious & Coldwell Banker

Videolicious is now available to Coldwell Banker agents for free. This branded version, includes unlimited video length, unlimited photos or video clips, full music library and branded ending shot.

1. Download the Videolicious App to your iPad or iPhone. Open the app, sign in (using your Coldwell Banker email address). If you have problems signing in, email Videolicious@ColdwellBanker.com.

2. Choose your photos and/or video clips.

3. Tell your story. You can now narrate the video, clicking on images to the right
as you talk.

4. Select your music and the sound level from tons of musical selections.

5. Now share your video via email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or FTP, all at the touch of a button.

SMD-RES-NOV_p1Watch the video below for a brief overview of this new tool. 

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