25 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist

SMD_OHIO_January-1-25-blog-ideasYou are starting to blog – now what? Generating topic ideas is half the battle, so we brainstormed and created a list of possibilities.Remember, blogs don’t need to be long… just full of useful, sharable content.

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1. Answer a real estate question you’ve been asked
2. Analyze local market updates
3. Create a video blog instead of writing
4. How-tos for buying, selling, staging, etc
5. What to do before you buy/sell
6. Mortgage facts
7. Neighborhood updates and things to doblurb
8. Neighborhood history
9. Story about buying
10. Story about selling
11. Beautiful photos of a home
12. Design inspiration
13. DIY home ideas
14. Your local community organizations/charities
15. Video tour of neighborhood or property
16. Why you became a real estate agent
17. Local business profile
18. Tips to buying a foreclosure or short sale
19. Final walkthrough tips
20. Home safety tips
21. Types of mortgages
22. Down payment Q&A
23. Favorite local shops
24. Home maintenance tips
25. Kid or pet-friendly housing ideas

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Tips for Facebook Ads in Real Estate

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist, Regional Support Center

Tips for Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a valuable tool for businesses. They are a cost effective way (Facebook is great for small budgets) to target advertising to a very specific audience and drive brand awareness.

Set a goal and strategy.
What are you promoting? Your website, listing or Facebook business page? When someone clicks on the ad where will they go? Sending a customer to a landing page, where you gather contact information is ideal. Sending a customer to a video of your listing or your listing on your branded website is also effective.

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Target your audience.
Facebook allows you to target your ads according to location, age, gender, precise interests, etc. Choosing a city with a radius or zip codes allows you to narrow
the audience.

Test pictures.
A great image may be the reason a client clicks your ad. Facebook allows up to 6 pictures for 1 ad. Don’t be afraid to upload multiple images. When Facebook sees that one is getting a better response, it automatically pushes that ad more often.

Set a time and budget.
Select a lifetime or daily budget. Start small – $2/day or $25 for the lifetime of the campaign. Then schedule your ad for a specific time period. Click here to create a Facebook ad.

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Videolicious: Create and Share Your Own Property Videos

Videolicious & Coldwell Banker

Videolicious is now available to Coldwell Banker agents for free. This branded version, includes unlimited video length, unlimited photos or video clips, full music library and branded ending shot.

1. Download the Videolicious App to your iPad or iPhone. Open the app, sign in (using your Coldwell Banker email address). If you have problems signing in, email Videolicious@ColdwellBanker.com.

2. Choose your photos and/or video clips.

3. Tell your story. You can now narrate the video, clicking on images to the right
as you talk.

4. Select your music and the sound level from tons of musical selections.

5. Now share your video via email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or FTP, all at the touch of a button.

SMD-RES-NOV_p1Watch the video below for a brief overview of this new tool. 

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ColdwellBankerOnline.com Continues to Grow with a Focus on SEO

light_derek– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

2012 was a great year for ColdwellBankerOnline.com!  With sharp focus on SEO and an increasing interest in real estate from consumers our site continued to grow.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Over 6.8 million visits, up over 62% from last year
  • Over 42 million page views, up nearly 30% over 2011
  • Visitors from 201 countries
  • Mobile traffic was up 292% and accounted for more than 20% of all visits
  • The iPad and iPhone accounted for 69% of the mobile visits

2013 will bring continued focus on SEO, the mobile experience and we’ll introduce HomeBase intouch to enhance our visitors’ experience.

Every Picture Tells a Story…

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

…but online, it takes more than one. As agents, there is a natural inclination when you get a new listing to get it on the MLS as quickly as possible. So, maybe you run over, snap a quick exterior thinking, “I’ll get my professional shots done later.” Since you have your single photo, you upload that and the listing is now live for viewing on the MLS. Here is why that is a huge disservice to your seller. Read More

ColdwellBankerOnline.com Explodes Some More

ColdwellBankerOnline.com website traffic continued its upward trajectory in June. Below are some statistics and highlights.

  1. Listing views on ColdwellBankerOnline increased by over 37%, with over 1.2 million views on listings alone in June.
  2. Agent profiles and branded websites were looked at over 115,000 times in June (get those profiles updated).
  3. Total leads for the month were 12,566, which is 4,500 leads over the monthly average for 2011.

ColdwellBankerOnline.com Up, Up, Up

2012 has been a great year for ColdwellBankerOnline.com, and May was no different. Below are some statistics and highlights from May.

  • Mobile traffic continues its meteoric increase year over year, as it again makes up well over 20% of our overall site traffic in May.
  • We are currently projected to go well over 5.5 million visits to our site this year (possibly even 6 million) which would be a huge jump over last year’s 4 million visitors.
  • Listings views are up almost 5% compared to April, and up 16% compared to May of 2011.
  • All areas of web traffic were up by double digits or more in May as compared to last year, except Time on Site.

Pinterest: Not your average social media site.

– Jennifer Kirchen, eMarketing Specialist

Are you on Pinterest? If not, this is a site worthy of your time. In recent months, Pinterest has soared to the top of the social charts and is the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. While the site launched in March 2010, it didn’t become popular until the latter part of 2011 when site traffic skyrocketed. Pinterest has continued its meteoric rise in 2012 and had over 19.5 million unique visitors in the month of April. Read More

Marketing Announcement: Single Property Websites

Great news! We just finished working out a major upgrade for our Single Property Website program through Homefinder.com and ChicagoTribune.com, and you can now order online. Check out the new order form and pick up a single property website for yourself. Some new marketing materials are also being added to the Resource Center this week. Read More

Giddy up.

Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

Hey real estate fans, how’s it going?  I’m just paddling down the river of life waiting to see what’s next.

Before I race into the sweet enhancements to the mobile version of ColdwellBankerOnline.com, let’s step back and appreciate a horse. Not just any horse, a horse that’s only one win away from the Triple Crown, a horse by the name of I’ll Have Another.

I’ll Have Another won the Preakness over the weekend matching his win at the Kentucky Derby a couple weeks ago leaving a win a the Belmont Stakes to capture the elusive Triple Crown.  While the last Triple Crown winner was in my lifetime, I was only two when Affirmed won in 1978, so I’d like to see it happen. Read More