Tips for Facebook Ads in Real Estate

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist, Regional Support Center

Tips for Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a valuable tool for businesses. They are a cost effective way (Facebook is great for small budgets) to target advertising to a very specific audience and drive brand awareness.

Set a goal and strategy.
What are you promoting? Your website, listing or Facebook business page? When someone clicks on the ad where will they go? Sending a customer to a landing page, where you gather contact information is ideal. Sending a customer to a video of your listing or your listing on your branded website is also effective.

This blog is an excerpt from our Social Media Digest, click here to read the entire December edition.

Target your audience.
Facebook allows you to target your ads according to location, age, gender, precise interests, etc. Choosing a city with a radius or zip codes allows you to narrow
the audience.

Test pictures.
A great image may be the reason a client clicks your ad. Facebook allows up to 6 pictures for 1 ad. Don’t be afraid to upload multiple images. When Facebook sees that one is getting a better response, it automatically pushes that ad more often.

Set a time and budget.
Select a lifetime or daily budget. Start small – $2/day or $25 for the lifetime of the campaign. Then schedule your ad for a specific time period. Click here to create a Facebook ad.

Click here to read our entire Social Media Digest for December, covering Facebook Ads and 2014 Social Media Trends. Up, Up, Up

2012 has been a great year for, and May was no different. Below are some statistics and highlights from May.

  • Mobile traffic continues its meteoric increase year over year, as it again makes up well over 20% of our overall site traffic in May.
  • We are currently projected to go well over 5.5 million visits to our site this year (possibly even 6 million) which would be a huge jump over last year’s 4 million visitors.
  • Listings views are up almost 5% compared to April, and up 16% compared to May of 2011.
  • All areas of web traffic were up by double digits or more in May as compared to last year, except Time on Site.

Giddy up.

Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

Hey real estate fans, how’s it going?  I’m just paddling down the river of life waiting to see what’s next.

Before I race into the sweet enhancements to the mobile version of, let’s step back and appreciate a horse. Not just any horse, a horse that’s only one win away from the Triple Crown, a horse by the name of I’ll Have Another.

I’ll Have Another won the Preakness over the weekend matching his win at the Kentucky Derby a couple weeks ago leaving a win a the Belmont Stakes to capture the elusive Triple Crown.  While the last Triple Crown winner was in my lifetime, I was only two when Affirmed won in 1978, so I’d like to see it happen. Read More

Am I an Android or an iPhone?

Blackberry Torch

As many of you know, I am a holdout in the smart phone world. As much as I love the mobile world and talk about it incessantly, I still own this phone .

iPhone 4s

However, I think the time for a change is rapidly approaching. It’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is. Question is, where does that money go? (I’m on ATT, too, so no Droids.) Currently, there is the iPhone 4S  as the big man on the block, with its multitude of apps and easy connectivity with the original iPad (which Apple doesn’t even admit exists anymore!) I already own. An interesting new option is the Samsung Galaxy Note, also known as a “phablet”. By now, you’ve all seen the commercials, especially if you had been following March Madness. Much larger than other smart phones, it also brings back a stylus with creative apps for note-taking, and is scheduled to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Google OS update.

Samsung Galaxy Note

I need to make a decision in the next month, so leave me a comment below on which way I should go. I can’t wait that long, but this fall/winter looks very interesting for the smart phone world, as the ‘next big thing’ looks to be wireless charging, as both the iPhone 5 and the new line of Samsung Galaxy phones may be looking to incorporate this technology. No cords…wouldn’t that be nice?