#FlashbackFriday: Going Home

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist, Regional Support Center

Home is where the heart is.

When I go to visit my parents in a rural town in northwestern Illinois, I always say “I’m going home.” I don’t intentionally do it. And I never say that I’m going to visit my mom and dad or that I’m going to Lanark. It is always “I’m going home this weekend.” The reason is simple. Even though I’m an adult with my own home, it will always be home in my heart. 


My family in the old kitchen

In 1976, my parents sold both their Corvettes, they each had a Stingray, so they could buy our house for less than the cost of a compact car today. It was a “fixer-upper” that required constant improvements. Before major remodeling began it was a small house. But that small house was packed with a lot of love and overfilling with memories.

First day of school pics

First day of school pics

I spent my entire childhood in that home, so when I think of the house itself, there are so many memories flooding back that I can’t pick just one. Some of my #FlashbackFriday favorites are:

  • My sister and I took photos on the first day of school each year in front of the French doors that my mother had lovingly refinished.
  • As children, my sister and I used to tell the babysitting kids that if they were naughty we’d put them in the dirt part of the basement…not very nice, but effective.
  • My very first memory was in my parents’ room in front of their closet mirror throwing a temper tantrum when I found out my parents wouldn’t be home for my birthday because my sister had just been born (the day before my 3rd birthday). Eventually I warmed up to her.
  • We still refer to a remodeling project as “the new edition” even though it is about 24 years old (I just dated myself.)
  • My mom had a lot of babysitting kids and thankfully she made the rule that they weren’t allowed upstairs. We loved the kids, but that rule and the sturdy, antique door at the bottom of the stairs saved my sanity in high school more than once.

182611_1818022139859_5353526_nNow my nephew gets to go visit Grandma and Grandpa. He has even told my mom that when he grows up he wants a house just like theirs. You may think that he says that because there are minibikes, a four-wheeler, toys, games and he gets spoiled rotten…and some of that may be true. But the biggest reason is that he knows it feels like home, too.

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