Creating a Cozy Nook

Cuddle Up Day

By Lana Simon, Communications Specialist, Regional Support Center

Today is Cuddle Up Day and in celebration, I believe every home should have a cozy nook or two that you can escape to.

When I need downtime, I head to my basement to watch TV or a movie. Not only do I want to relax, but I want to get cozy!  This is how I made my special cozy nook:

One of the best home improvements that I made was installing canned lighting that works on dimmers. This was perfect for creating just the right lighting to  make it feel a home theatre experience.

We then added overstuffed leather sofas. My cozy spot is in the corner. I love to curl up with soft pillows and cover myself with handmade afghans. Then of course, we have the huge flat screen tv.

Here’s steps to create your own cozy nook in your home:

Step 1 – Determine your goal. Is to relax, organize, or work?

Step 2 –  Find a corner, secluded area or recessed spot in your home.

Step 3 –  Make the space and add a chair, desk or bench. Backdrop the space with wallpaper, artwork or a relaxing color paint.

Step 4 – Surround the one piece of furniture with a floor lamp, plant and/or small table. Add an awesome blanket, decor object or rug.

With this cold weather blast, escaping to a cozy nook makes it all better!

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