#FlashbackFriday: Home – My Place for Friends

Lana and Barbara at a dance recital.

Lana and Barbara at a dance recital.

By Lana Simon, Communications Specialist, Regional Support Center 

When I look back at my childhood home I feel warmth, love and friendship.

As a child, my home was always host to numerous play-dates and sleepovers.  Home is where I always fostered bonds with my friends.  We would spend numerous hours pretending to be grown-ups, playing “house”, Barbies, hide and seek and numerous games.  My friends and I would also play in the backyard, ride bikes, roller skate in my basement, play ping pong, listen to music and more.

My very first friend was Barbara.  We had revolving doors to each other’s houses. We met at age three and lived on opposite corners of the block. Our mothers would walk each of us to the middle, to meet up and then go to one’s house to play.  To this day, we are still in-touch.  Every time we get together we always reminisce about the good ol’ days and all the fun times and laughs we shared together.

As I got older, the play-dates evolved into watching VCR movies and home was a place to hang-out with friends and of course, boys!  I look back today at all the dear friends I had growing up, the silly antics and the warm memories of friendship.

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