Moving Forward from the Flood – Step 1

By Amy Eiduke, Communications Manager, Regional Support Center

On July 26, 2013 we, along with many of my neighbors, experienced an intense flood. By “intense” I mean nine feet of water in the basement, two feet in our garage and one foot in our family room. The devastation was great and we lost quite a bit; a car, furniture, holiday decorations, furnace, water heater, etc. Most upsetting were those personal items that can never be replaced – my wedding dress, family mementos, an antique pool table given down through the generations – those are the things that broke our hearts.

But 2014 begins a new year – a year of reconstruction! We were able to put our family room and garage back in order within a few months, but our basement is another story. We are just now beginning to rebuild.

Step 1 was to find materials that would survive massive amounts of water, if God forbid we were to flood again. Our first task was to tackle the floor. Carpet and hardwood were out and tile can be tricky when faced with a flood too. So instead, we went with a decorative metallic epoxy floor that looks more like a piece of art than a floor. The team we hired ground up the top layer of concrete, added a primer coat, then applied the colors we chose. After that they stood back and let the magic happen. Based on the slopes and movement of the concrete the color moved and mixed and created a one of a kind floor.

The best part of all, if we do get water again, all I will have to do is mop it up and the floor will still be intact. Next up after the holidays: The ceiling…if you have any water resistant ideas for the ceiling or walls let me know.

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