#FlashbackFriday: Evolving Views of a Childhood Home

By Shannon Perkins, Marketing Coordinator, Regional Support Center

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I remember being extremely bored throughout my parent’s home buying process. At age eight, I had a hard time comprehending that this was one of the biggest decisions that they would make together. Once I realized that our move would not allow me to move closer to my childhood best friend I was completely uninterested in the entire ordeal. However, even at a young age I understood that finding a home near a school district with incredible special education resources for my brother made this process more complicated than most.

I dreaded looking at houses and could not understand why we had to look at so many! I had finally grasped the concept of sharing with my younger brother and felt that every home we saw had more than enough room for the both of us. My parents finally decided on a beautiful three bedroom corner house in Westchester. Our new home consisted of four levels and offered a lot more space than our former two bedroom apartment. I initially was overwhelmed by the amount of space and have vivid memories of being terrified of walking to certain parts of the house by myself, specifically the sub-basement. This area both intrigued and terrified me. It was a great conversation started as most people I talked to had never heard of a sub-basement, however I refused to step foot in that area after the sunset by myself until I was a teenager.

Twenty years later after several sleepovers, family parties, years of renovations and a dog; our spacious house doesn’t seem so scary anymore. I am glad that I still have the key to the place I will always call home. It’s been filled with so much love and so many memories that the only thing scary about our house is the responsibility I have to find one just like it for my family.

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