Super Bowl Sunday Funday

By Shannon Perkins, Marketing Coordinator

I am a bit ashamed to admit that I am the stereotypical female who knows very little about football. In fact, the only reason I paid attention to the Super Bowl last year is because I tricked myself into believing it was a Beyonce concert. This year I’ve decided to celebrate the Super Bowl by making sure everyone knows how to prepare a hearty spread of dips, snacks and drinks while they cheer on their favorite team.

Make a signature drink

It’s expensive to buy an assortment of beer, wine and liquor. Make your party memorable and simple by creating a signature drink and putting it in a big punch bowl. Mix vodka and lemonade and toss in some ice, create “beer-mosas” with beer and orange juice, or go for simple sangria with a bottle of wine, ginger ale, and a pile of colorful fruit. Click here for even more game day drink ideas.

Buffalo Wings from Parade

Buffalo Wings from Parade

Just wing it

I love wings in any shape, flavor or fashion and it goes without saying that the Super Bowl is a holiday for wing-lovers! Buffalo-style is still the favorite flavor of most wing-lovers, followed by barbecue, breaded or fried, teriyaki and sweet and sour sauce. Most wing connoisseurs dip their wings in ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, blue cheese or hot sauce. Click here for more wing recipes your party goers will love!

Slider Burger Party by PS by Dila

Slider Burger Party by PS by Dila

Create a slider bar

Make small patties, grill them, and pile them onto a big tray next to a platter of slider buns. Fill the table with bowls of onions, pickles, mayo, salsa, cheeses, jalapenos, bacon bits, and anything else you would like to see on your burgers. Make sure to have turkey and beef burgers to please your diverse audience! Hint: This works for tacos, too.

I dip, you dip, we dip

All Super Bowl parties must have a dip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheesy, gooey concoction or a fresh veggie salsa. Making dips is easy, and your dishwasher will thank you come post-game cleanup time. Check out a few of my favorite recipes here.

It’s time to consume flavor-packed, easy-to-eat treats without a care in the world for diets. I’m sure there are healthier ways to celebrate the Super Bowl, but how much fun would that be?

For more Super Bowl Party ideas, visit our Super Bowl Sunday Funday board on Pinterest.

#HomeRocks the Grammys

HomeRocks-The-Grammys1By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist

Did you see the Grammys last night? Before the red carpet even started, the buzz had begun about our new Coldwell Banker “Home Sweet Home” commercial. #HomeRocks was trending even before Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the show with ‘Drunk in Love’ and the already infamous chair. It continued to go strong throughout the Grammys lead by a loyal #GenBlue group and associates from all around the world.

It was amazing to see the reaction from people across the world to the new ad that features Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home.” Some of my favorite tweets were from people who didn’t seem to be affiliated with Coldwell Banker, but instead were reacting to the images and the music of the ad:




onlygood song motley

Want to watch the ad again? Check out the commercial here.

Year of Housing Recovery Opens Door for Aspiring Realtors

Stay at home mom. Waitress. Car salesman. Interior designer. Marketing guru.
What do these people all have in common? A new career in real estate.

2013 brought a whirlwind of excitement and optimism surrounding the real estate market. We saw positive headlines in the news across the country and heard success stories from buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. The housing recovery not only brought many buyers and sellers to the table, but also opened up an opportunity for people of all different backgrounds to explore new career possibilities. With unlimited earning potential, flexibility and the ability to create your own business, real estate was a natural choice for many this past year. In fact, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage reported a 58% increase in new agents to the business compared to 2012.

— Learn more about the new agents in the video—

Christine Groves – Multitasking mom
Christine-GrovesAfter 12 years in Human Resources, Christine Groves called it quits on her corporate career to take on life’s most important role – motherhood.  Fast forward six years, and Christine was ready to reenter the working world with a new outlook.  She wanted a job that would provide her with flexibility, earning potential and the ability to help people.   Now, she blends her strong communication skills with her savvy real estate knowledge to become a successful working mother who still finds time to wait in the carpool line. In 2013, Groves closed over $4,300,000 in home sales, and last year, she was named Coldwell Banker’s “Rookie of the Year” in the Western Region.

Jennifer DeVries- Social butterfly and waitress
Jennifer-DeVriesHaving grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Jennifer DeVries knew she wanted to be in business for herself, but hadn’t yet identified a good fit for her lifestyle. After college she took to waitressing where she used her outgoing personality to connect with customers. It was her social nature and charm that ultimately landed her in a new career.  She made quite an impression on a seasoned Realtor who she met on the job and was encouraged to visit a branch office to learn more about career opportunities.  She did just that the following morning, and hasn’t looked back since.  One year later she is VP of luxury home sales for the Straub Milito Group and was recently voted “Rookie of the Year” by her peers for Chicago Agent Magazine.

Conor Scanlon – Car Salesman
Conor ScanlonConor Scanlon graduated from DePaul University and quickly went to work for his family’s auto business, where he had worked in various roles since he was 13 years old and most recently selling cars.  Despite having four generation of the car business in his blood, he decided it was time for a change.  He attributes his interest in real estate to childhood experiences, moving around a lot to renovate and decorate new homes due to his mother’s love of flipping houses. As a lifelong Chicagoan, Conor’s passion for the unique offerings that Chicago provides its residents paired with his sales minded approach made for a smooth transition and successful first year on the job.

Trish Orndorff – Entreprenuer and interior designer
ATrish Orndorfflthough real estate was a natural progression for this talented interior designer, Trish Orndorff’s transition in to real estate was a gradual one.  Before starting her own redesign and staging business, Trish excelled as an advertising sales executive for Teen Magazine and Chicago Magazine.  After having children she decided to say farewell to her nine to five job to be a stay at home mom.  Thirteen years later she found the perfect outlet to channel her creativity and revisit her sales and marketing experience.  Her love of design married with the excitement of selling was the perfect equation for a successful Realtor.  She attributes her first year success to effective marketing and social media that allows her to stay connected to her network.

Brian Davis – Marketing and sales professional
Brian DavisPrevious to his position at Coldwell Banker, Brian Davis held a marketing position working with well established businesses such as Comcast, AT&T, Staples, and Verizon. It wasn’t until he personally went through the process as a first time homebuyer that he contemplated becoming a Realtor himself.  He was inspired by his real estate agent, referred to him by a friend, and amazed at how much she enjoyed what she did for a living.   Buying his first home is an experience that he will never forget, and now he feels lucky to have the privilege of being the person behind that and helping to find his clients the home of their dreams.

Home Sweet Home – TV Spot Debut

We all know what it feels like to be home. Not in your physical location, but truly “at home.”  That is what the new Coldwell Banker TV spot conveys with the help of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home.”

The commercial officially debuts during the Grammys airing on Sunday, January 26th at 8 p.m. on CBS. To join the Twitter party, follow us and use the hashtag #HomeRocks. Tweet us what you think!

Coldwell Banker Believes in the Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech pierced the hearts of millions across the nation and is arguably one of the most memorable speeches of all time. There are currently over 700 streets in the Unites States that are named after Dr. King with one in almost every major city. Despite being enacted in 1983, all fifty states did not observe MLK day until 17 years later.

Now, every third Monday of the year, millions of people across the United States celebrate the fact that the world is a better place because he dared to live it. He is the only non-president with a national holiday in his honor and since it’s a federal holiday, your kids likely have off from school. If you’re interested in volunteering together in his honor, click here to find a service project with one of our charitable partners.

Below are a few photos from my visit to Atlanta in 2012 where I had the opportunity to visit the National Historic Site of Dr. King which includes Dr. & Mrs. King’s Crypt, The Eternal Flame, Ebenezer Baptist Church and other historic memorabilia.

MLK Site _1

Me at the National Historic Site of Dr. King

MLK Site

Historic memorabilia


Ebenezer Baptist Church


Behind the Scenes – Kick Off Your Shoes

Watch and see why Coldwell Banker chose Chile as the spot to film the newest TV spot that will debut during the Grammys on Sunday, January 26.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the pre-release and participate in the #HomeRocks Twitter party during the Grammys. To see all the behind-the-scenes videos or vote for your favorite song about home, go to Coldwell Banker’s Blue Matter blog.

25 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist

SMD_OHIO_January-1-25-blog-ideasYou are starting to blog – now what? Generating topic ideas is half the battle, so we brainstormed and created a list of possibilities.Remember, blogs don’t need to be long… just full of useful, sharable content.

Click here to download our entire Social Media Digest for January, including an article on Google+ in 2014.

1. Answer a real estate question you’ve been asked
2. Analyze local market updates
3. Create a video blog instead of writing
4. How-tos for buying, selling, staging, etc
5. What to do before you buy/sell
6. Mortgage facts
7. Neighborhood updates and things to doblurb
8. Neighborhood history
9. Story about buying
10. Story about selling
11. Beautiful photos of a home
12. Design inspiration
13. DIY home ideas
14. Your local community organizations/charities
15. Video tour of neighborhood or property
16. Why you became a real estate agent
17. Local business profile
18. Tips to buying a foreclosure or short sale
19. Final walkthrough tips
20. Home safety tips
21. Types of mortgages
22. Down payment Q&A
23. Favorite local shops
24. Home maintenance tips
25. Kid or pet-friendly housing ideas

SMD_CBRB_January-1-SMALLClick here to download our entire Social Media Digest for January, including an article on Google+ in 2014.

Behind the Scenes TV Shoot – Day 1

We’ll be unveiling some of the fun behind the scenes videos from our 2014 commercial shoot. The first 2014 ad will be running during the Grammy Awards on January 29th and is called “Home Sweet Home.”

The video above is from Day 1 of the commercial shoot in Santiago, Chile in December. Check out the video and watch for updates on Twitter, Facebook or this blog.

PS. You can get involved in the fun by using #HomeRocks in your tweets/posts.  

#FlashbackFriday: Going Home

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist, Regional Support Center

Home is where the heart is.

When I go to visit my parents in a rural town in northwestern Illinois, I always say “I’m going home.” I don’t intentionally do it. And I never say that I’m going to visit my mom and dad or that I’m going to Lanark. It is always “I’m going home this weekend.” The reason is simple. Even though I’m an adult with my own home, it will always be home in my heart. 


My family in the old kitchen

In 1976, my parents sold both their Corvettes, they each had a Stingray, so they could buy our house for less than the cost of a compact car today. It was a “fixer-upper” that required constant improvements. Before major remodeling began it was a small house. But that small house was packed with a lot of love and overfilling with memories.

First day of school pics

First day of school pics

I spent my entire childhood in that home, so when I think of the house itself, there are so many memories flooding back that I can’t pick just one. Some of my #FlashbackFriday favorites are:

  • My sister and I took photos on the first day of school each year in front of the French doors that my mother had lovingly refinished.
  • As children, my sister and I used to tell the babysitting kids that if they were naughty we’d put them in the dirt part of the basement…not very nice, but effective.
  • My very first memory was in my parents’ room in front of their closet mirror throwing a temper tantrum when I found out my parents wouldn’t be home for my birthday because my sister had just been born (the day before my 3rd birthday). Eventually I warmed up to her.
  • We still refer to a remodeling project as “the new edition” even though it is about 24 years old (I just dated myself.)
  • My mom had a lot of babysitting kids and thankfully she made the rule that they weren’t allowed upstairs. We loved the kids, but that rule and the sturdy, antique door at the bottom of the stairs saved my sanity in high school more than once.

182611_1818022139859_5353526_nNow my nephew gets to go visit Grandma and Grandpa. He has even told my mom that when he grows up he wants a house just like theirs. You may think that he says that because there are minibikes, a four-wheeler, toys, games and he gets spoiled rotten…and some of that may be true. But the biggest reason is that he knows it feels like home, too.