#Flashback Friday: Growing up in a Gingerbread House

#FlashbackFriday Growing Up in a Gingerbread HouseBy Amy Eiduke, Director, Marketing Communications, Regional Support Center

Ok, so I didn’t really grow up in a gingerbread house, but I often had friends say that’s what it looked like. I only knew it as home – a place where I felt safe, cared for and loved – a place I treasured.

gingerbread houseBut, as I was decorating a real gingerbread house with my sons this weekend, and then began looking through old photos, I realized that in many ways my childhood home was quite similar to a gingerbread house:

  • My parents were constantly improving, enhancing and decorating our home to make it feel welcome and homey. The house they bought when I was 1-year-old looks quite different than the house they sold 30 years later.
  • Instead of candy adoring the windows we had beautiful flowers, trees and landscaping. In fact, it was so lovely I took the majority of my wedding photos in our backyard.
  • Much like with gingerbread, we had some pieces that broke once in a while – but with a little bit of icing and glue it was made whole once again.
  • A gingerbread house brings joy and happiness around the holidays. My brother and I have wonderful Christmas memories at our house:  Annually decorating the entire place the day after Thanksgiving, hosting festive gatherings, and when we arrived home from visiting out-of-town family we found Santa had filled our stockings while we were away.
  • Finally, my childhood home was fun! From playing basketball and running bases to hanging out with friends to making homemade cookies to snuggling with our dogs and cat to simply enjoying family time there are so many amazing memories I can’t even begin to name them all.

While my house today looks nothing like a gingerbread house, I can only hope to create the same incredible memories for my two boys that I was lucky enough to enjoy in my own personal gingerbread house. Happy holidays! 

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