#FlashbackFriday – Little House on S. High Street

By Derek Light, Manager, eMarketing

This is the house I lived in until I was eight. I can’t believe how tiny it was.  I was the Greatest American Hero and flew off of the front porch, that led to some stitches, I seemed so much taller then (theme).  You can’t see the backyard but it’s about three times the size of the front.  There was a metal swing set, lots of pine cones to step on with bare feet and lots of Spiderman webs to lose. There was a shed in the far back where a snake or frog of sort could always be found. My best friend lived next door, we played every day. His name is Chris, we keep up on Facebook but I haven’t seen him in years. I remember sneaking out of my room one Christmas and seeing so many toys, like the size of the house I’m sure it was smaller than my little boy mind imagined. My best memories are the times watching Monday Night Football laying in front of my dad pretending to hide so mom couldn’t put me to bed. As I write this and look at the house I’m overwhelmed with memories. It seems like a different lifetime.

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