Quick Tips to Avoid the Winter Blues

Tips to Avoid the Winter BluesThere’s nothing more beautiful than a fresh blanket of snow outside, but let’s be honest – it’s even more beautiful when enjoying the view from your front window while cozied up to the fireplace. The dreadful gloom of winter weather can easily put a damper on your mood, but only if you let it. Instead, make some adjustments to the interior of your home to brighten up the space and bring it back to life. This can be especially crucial if you plan to put your home on the market. It will also give you an edge above the competition. Contrary to belief, the winter months still draw buyers to the market whether they’re relocating to a new city for a job or simply getting ahead of the spring market. 

These quick tips can help rid your home of the winter blues.

Amp up the lights: The natural light that once flooded your family room may be non-existent during this time of year, so create your own brightness. Try replacing your current light bulbs with higher wattage or hang an eye catching chandelier to replace standard ceiling lights.

A kitchen in bloom: A beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table can add the aroma of spring outdoors while adding color to a neutral palette. Paired with the right vase, this also makes for the perfect centerpiece.

Turn up the heat: When the temperature drops outside it’s time to turn up the heat indoors. One feature that is sure to blow the socks off of visitors is heated floors. If you’re looking for a more simple solution, try adding soft and plush floor rugs throughout your home.

Highlight upbeat hues: Adding a pop of color to a room can be like a ray of sunshine. Try finishing and painting an old piece of wood furniture, reupholstering an oversized arm chair or even painting an accent wall to get the desired results.

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