Thanksgiving Traditions

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? We asked that question to some of our Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage family and we love their answers. What is yours?

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the pattern of the day that I have created over the years… I start the day reflecting on everything good in my life, followed by watching some of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. These activities are a prelude to cooking a couple of classic comfort dishes to pass at our family Thanksgiving dinner. I love cooking stuffing, and green bean casserole and sharing a traditional dinner with my family.” – Judy Hearst, Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Southeast Wisconsin

“My tradition is simple-to be with my family, relax, and be grateful. It is my favorite holiday for those reasons.” — Kathy Kalnes, Regional Vice President, City Region

“For past Thanksgivings, my family was never big on turkey. Instead, we would go out to the grocery store, and each kid would get to choose his or her meal for the night. For me, that meant a whole lot of popcorn shrimp. In recent years we have gotten a lot more traditional with a big meal (including deep frying a turkey this year), but one tradition has remained…Black Friday shopping.

Every Friday after Thanksgiving, we fire up Amazon and get our Christmas shopping done the tech (and non-freezing way). Christmas movies and music go on the whole time, and we stay in pajamas and eat all day. It is always a great way to kick off the holiday season.” Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

“Waking up in the pre-dawn hours to the heavenly aroma of onions, celery and carrots sautéing in butter for my mom’s fantastic sausage apple stuffing. Early on she only used the cavity of a 20lb-25lb turkey to prepare it but later acquiesced to the clamor for more and made a side dish as well. The stuffing from the bird was the best hand’s down.” — Jim Moran, Regional Vice President Relocation Services

“Weather permitting. All the cousins play a game of touch football. We also all know to bring our baseball gloves for playing catch.” — Rich Rogala, Digital Strategist, City Region

“My father has 6 brothers and one sister who each alternate hosting a potluck Thanksgiving in their home each year. Every family member is responsible for bringing their signature dishes. Some memorable dishes are my mother’s potato salad, my uncle’s fried turkey , my aunt’s macaroni and cheese and my grandmother’s peach cobbler. This is my favorite holiday because it is the one time of year that you are guaranteed to see everyone in the family.” — Shannon Perkins, Marketing Coordinator, Regional Support Center

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the focus is on family, food and reflecting on all the good things you are grateful for in your life. I of course love the eating part, but my favorite part is after the food when we all sit down and play board games together and laugh. It makes me feel 10 again. Nothing beats good wholesome family fun. And pie. Don’t forget the pie.” — Lala Mahoney, Social Media, Online Marketing Specialist & Transition Coordinator, North Shore Region

“My family kicks off Thanksgiving in the morning with a friendly game of football and Bloody Mary’s (I may or may not stand on the sideline cheering on with said Bloody Mary in my hand). Once we are in our holiday best, we gather around the table and write down on a leaf what we are thankful for. We all then add our leaves to a tree which becomes the centerpiece for our Thanksgiving spread.” — Ann Marie Wulfram, Senior Graphic Designer, Regional Support Center

“After dinner – we get out the newspapers (we each have our own copies) and map out Black Friday shopping plan. We don’t necessarily buy a ton we have so much fun watching the crazy people out there and then go to breakfast.” — Lisa, Regional Support Center

What is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving Tradition? 

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