Google Authorship: Your Picture in Search Results

Google Authorship

We’ve all seen it. You Google something and magically a person’s image appears by an article, website or blog. Now, your photo could pop up by your listings in the search results if you set up Google Authorship.

Why set up Google Authorship?

  1. It gets you noticed. Photos catch the eye and increase visibility and clicks.
  2. Content claimed by an author is viewed as more credible than unclaimed content.
  3. Most people and/or companies haven’t set up Google Authorship yet. So break through the clutter.
  4. People trust a friendly face. Get your face in search results.
  5. Google Authorship can improve clicks by 30 to 150%! (Source: Catalyst)

Once you’ve set it up, Google automatically displays your image by any content you have authored.

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up Google Authorship.

SMD-RES-NOV_p1Please note: it may take Google a couple hours or a several weeks to show your image.

Click here to download the entire Social Media Digest for November. 

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