Homeowner Checklist for Holiday Staging Success

  Guest blogger: Brooke Balco, Communication Specialist, Regional Support Center

Homeowner Checklist for Holiday Staging SuccessWith the holidays right around the corner, some homeowners looking to sell might be wondering the best way to dress up a home for this time of the year. Here are some tips for those who want to still enjoy holiday decorations, but don’t want to potentially turn off an interested buyer.

1. Two Words: Scale Back
De-Clutter: Similar to any other time of the year when you put your house on the market, be sure to de-clutter your rooms and keep decorations minimal. For example, placing a simple accent décor piece like a wreath on the door is acceptable and welcoming for a first impression. Minimize holiday lights, so as to not distract from the home’s curb appeal and other living areas of the home.

3. Create a Cozy Atmosphere2. Be Mindful of the Tree
Tree Scale: Placing an oversized or wide tree in your living space may make the room appear smaller than it actually is, so be mindful of the size of your tree in proportion to the room size. On the flip side, a tall tree may be beneficial in accentuating your tall ceilings or 2-story family room. Keep tree lights and ornaments simple and sophisticated to blend with your current color palette and décor style.

Homeowner Checklist for Holiday Staging Success

4. Bring Holidays to Life: Winter is the perfect time to draw attention to one of your home’s best features – the fireplace – hang stockings and arrange fresh greens on the mantle to highlight this focal point. Set the mood with fragrant candles that smell like seasonal favorites like spice, pumpkin or evergreen and the aroma of baked goods. Even a simple inviting centerpiece on the dining room table will draw attention to a desirable entertainment space that will get them envisioning their next holiday in the home.

5. Avoid Overly Religious Symbols
Remove Personal Touches: Remember that the basics of home staging still apply around the holidays, so try and avoid personal touches. For example, for showings and open houses, temporarily remove any religious symbols in your decorations that could potentially turn off a potential buyer.

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