Halloween Decor that Won’t Scare Away Buyers

By Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist, Regional Support Center

Scary Witch c/o Connie Eisenbise

Scary Witch c/o Connie Eisenbise

“Oh no, scary witch” whined my 3-year old nephew when he saw the witch my mom made standing on the front porch. I agree. The thing is pretty intimidating. Trick or treaters either love her or are too frightened to even approach the door. Over the years, my nephew and I have come to love the wart-faced, creepy old lady, but if my parents were to put their home on the real estate market, it would be the first thing to go. 

When you have your home on the market, is it still okay to decorate for the holidays? I’ve been told the answer is — yes, but keep the decor neutral and minimal. You don’t want to scare the buyers (or their children) off your property. You also don’t want them to only focus on the “scary witch” and not see the beautiful original door with leaded glass windows.

  1. Declutter and stage first. Before you worry about decorating for the holidays. Have you decluttered and staged your home? Begin by staging, then add the touches of Fall and Halloween.
  2. Compliment your decor. Make sure any decorations compliment your color scheme and decor.
  3. Keep it minimal. Less is more. If you’re like my mom and go crazy for Halloween, then you may want to choose only a few decorations to feature out of your Halloween stockpile. Instead of decorating every room, maybe choose 2 or 3 rooms to have a 1 to 2 decorations in each room.
  4. Halloween curb appeal. The front door is a great place to decorate with a few gourds, pumpkins and leaves or maybe a wreath. (Save the giant scary witch for next year.)
  5. Hire a great real estate agentLast, but NOT least. The best way to judge if you have found the right balance is to ask your real estate agent. A great agent will tell you if your ‘boo-factor’ is too high and will scare away sellers.

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