Charitable Foundation Spotlight: Special Spaces

Guest blogger: Shannon Smith, Marketing Coordinator, Regional Support Center

How excited and empowered did it make you feel when your parents decided you were old enough to decorate your room? A bedroom provides children a necessary outlet for self-expression. Special Spaces, a new partner of the Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation, believes this is particularly important for children with critical illnesses as they spend a substantial amount of time in their rooms.

Regardless if their dream is to live like a superhero or a non-traditional princess, the Special Spaces team works together to provide each child a uniquely designed room. Special Spaces National was founded in July of 2004 on the precedent that children battling life-threatening illnesses need their own special space of hope, inspiration, and comfort. With branches now in several areas worldwide, the organization receives assistance through fundraisers, donations, garage sales, thrift store finds and dedicated volunteers.

Kelly Knox of Naperville began the Chicagoland Chapter in 2012 and currently plans at least one makeover each month. “I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many goodhearted people and it is so rewarding and exhilarating every single time,” said Knox. “We appreciate any time, talents and treasures that anyone wants to provide. If you have the time to clear out a room, come. That doesn’t take skill, it just takes heart. Talent—we need those in construction, seamstresses, muralists, etc. And treasure, we need the funds. We would love to do everything brand new but that is not always possible and we accept every kind of donation.”

Special Spaces is constantly seeking volunteers and donations to support their cause. Click here to see the video clip of Special Spaces on the Today Show! Find out how you can support Special Spaces and other Coldwell Banker Foundation partners by visiting

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