Adorable Life, Camera, Action Video Winners

Guest blogger: Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist 

WARNING: The winners of the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube video contest will cause you to meet your cuteness quotient for the day!

Our national brand ran a contest called Life, Camera, Action where people could submit a video of tour of their home from the perspective of a child or pet.

The $25,000 grand prize winning video above is called “This is Home” but at the Coldwell Banker office we refer to it as “Rapping Kids.”

The winners are the Johnson family of Henderson, NV where dad, Jeff, is a schoolteacher and his wife, Suzanne, runs her own business out of their home. Their twins, Liam and Elle, will turn 4 in December and have easily the brightest music career imaginable ahead of them. They moved into their home just over 2 years ago and they plan to use the winnings to redo their backyard.

If you’d like an extra smile, then I suggest watching the video below where the adorable twins find out they’ve won the contest. All I can say is, “Mom, we got some seeds!”

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