Emmy Nominated Shows that Showcase America’s Favorite Home

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Seeing how both Emmy nominated shows deal with politics, each also take place in one of our favorite homes in the world—the White House. While neither program actually films in Washington D.C. (Veep films in Baltimore, Maryland and Scandal is shot entirely out of Los Angeles, California) they both are able to showcase the home beautifully. Here are a couple of our favorite White House rooms featured on the shows:

Office of the Vice President

Office of the Vice President

Vice President’s Office 

The Vice President’s office, located in the West Wing of the White House is just as equally important as the Oval Office. We don’t often see photos of the room, but here is what it actually looks like! A lot of scenes from Veep take place in a replica of this office.

Oval Office

Oval Office

The Oval Office 

The Oval Office, better known as the formal office of the President is probably the most recognizable room in the White House; where all the magic happens. Here is where the President conducts most of his meetings and a lot of all-important press conferences. Washington’s character Olivia Pope also spends plenty of time in this room while she “works” with the President.

Best of luck to both nominees at this year’s Primetime Emmys! The Emmys air Sunday, September 22 on CBS at 8:00 Eastern Time. Stay tuned during program for Coldwell Banker’s “We Believe” ad! Use the hashtag #CBBelieves to get in on the conversation.

Featured photo via stannate

Originally posted on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog.

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