Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day

Happy National Cheeseburger Day

Guest blogger: Emily Smith, Marketing Coordinator, Regional Service Center

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Did you know there is a food “holiday” for every day of the year? Seriously! (Click here for the list for September)  Most of these days do not get a lot of recognition, but National Cheeseburger day – now that is a day to celebrate! To help you celebrate here is a list of my favorite cheesy bites throughout our region!

  1. AJ Bombers (Milwaukee, WI) Milwaukee has many worthy contenders for top cheeseburger but I would highly recommend AJ Bombers.  They use a chuck, sirloin, brisket mix for their ¼ lb patties. You can choose from any of their already crafted burger combinations or build your own.  With a variety of cheeses to choose from and more toppings than you could imagine (bacon, fried “frickles” pickles, peanut butter) at AJ Bombers you can certainly create a cheeseburger to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  Note *The Milwaukee Burger was also featured on Food Wars!).
  2. Hot Chocolate (Chicago, IL) Just like Milwaukee, Chicago is not lacking in great cheeseburgers. Instead of choosing to highlight an obvious choice (Kuma’s corner) I am handing the spotlight over to Hot Chocolate on Damen. I originally visited Hot Chocolate for their famous desserts – but the burger was just as outstanding. They use a blend of Heartland Meats ground in-house and although it was lean it was very juicy. They top this burger with Gunthorp Farms bacon, 4-year aged Widmer’s Wisconsin cheddar and house made pickles. You can also add a sunny side up egg to complete the burger for $2. I had the burger without the egg and fully intend to visit again, this time I will be just as excited for the cheeseburger as I was for the dessert!
  3. Schoop’s Hamburgers (South Suburbs and NW Indiana) Now I will admit, I have not had the chance to explore all of the delicious cheeseburger options in Northwest Indiana but one that is always my go to in the area is Schoop’s. Their burgers are thin handmade patties with crispy edges that add the perfect texture. Add melted cheese, bacon, and any other toppings you desire and you have a great and affordable burger!
  4. Redamak’s (New Buffalo, MI) Redamak’s is a seasonal spot that is always packed from March – October in Harbor Country. In stark contrast to Hot Chocolate – the ingredients that make up a Redamak’s burger are simple. The cheeseburger comes wrapped in wax paper and the cheese of choice (although you can order swiss) is Velveeta. I know,  I know – this is not the 4-year aged Wisconsin cheddar we discussed earlier – but on a Redamak’s burger it is a perfect addition. The cheese is so gooey it compliments every juicy burger bite! The only downside is that they are cash only – but I guarantee that this burger is one of the best I have had and is worth the trip to the ATM.

No matter where you are – or which burger place you choose – go out and celebrate. Have a favorite burger that was not mentioned? Please share your knowledge! Happy National  Cheeseburger Day.

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