Throwing A Football Season Kickoff Party

Guest blogger: Alicia Eisenbise, Social Media Specialist

Football Party Ideas

NFL fans…the wait is almost over. This weekend kicks off the official start of Football Season. Fantasy football teams have been chosen, your lucky football jersey is ready to go and now all you need is the perfect football party at home.

First of all, you MUST address the elephant in the room – where do you and your guests’ loyalties lie? There are just some people who can’t play nice (I have some friends who’s ears are ringing right now.)  For instance, within our region of WI, IL, IN and MI, we have a couple rivalries that are – shall we say – heated. During those “big games” against your rival you may think about choosing guests wisely and possibly arranging an escape plan.

Second, where do you and your guests stand on superstitions? There are only 16 games a year and you have to make them count which is probably why there are so many crazy superstitions. For instance, do you have a friend who won’t leave his or her seat, so they don’t jinx their team? Someone will need to bring them food and drinkss. I have actually watched a game where we strongly suggested one of the women stay in/near the bathroom because every time she did we scored. It’s not logical, but it is football. 

Last but not least, here are some ideas of key football food and decor.  Snacks and bite-size foods are always a hit. You can make them as simple as opening a bag of chips and salsa to making your own buffalo chicken wings with homemade blue cheese dressing. I’d suggest keeping it light on the desserts, people seem to gravitate towards the snacks at these events. Click here to see more Football Party Ideas on our Pinterest board.

After all is said and done, the most important thing is to gather your friends and family together and root for your favorite team (*cough* – the Bears) and settle in for what I hope is a long and prosperous season.

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