Back to School! Tips to Create a Study Space

Guest blogger – Amy Eiduke, Marketing Communications

Back to School Series

Growing up, I loved going back to school – new clothes, new school supplies, new friends! Now as a mom of two – going back to school has a different meaning – organizing, coordinating calendars, replacing backpacks, and helping with homework. This year I’m also creating a study space in our home to help my kids stay focused and succeed. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Location, location, location – not just for real estate, location is extreme important when deciding on a study space. Find a place that is quiet and free from distractions. The kitchen table next to the family room doesn’t work with the chaos of making dinner and siblings running around at the same time. We’ve tried it – it doesn’t work!

Be comfy, but not too comfy – set up a desk, chair and computer in a way that will be comfortable for your student’s back, hands, wrists and neck. The couch, while easy to sink into, may be too relaxing to keep them on the task at hand.

Let the light shine in – make sure your student has good lighting in the room and on their desk. They need to be able to clearly see their work to keep focused.

Get the goods – have all the supplies your child needs on hand and ready to go. Supplies can be anything from paper and pencils to a laptop or iPad for your older students.

Keep it organized – Organization is definitely something my boys struggle with. This year my goal is to teach them ways to organize themselves and their space. If all goes well it will help them avoid losing assignments, permission slips and everything else that makes it way home from school.

Proudly personalize – While this is a work space, it should still feel like your child’s space. Hang photos of family and friends, a good luck charm, and some of their good work on nearby walls.

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