Finding a Home to Match Your Personality


When it comes to finding the right fit for your personality, shopping for a new home is no different than shopping for a new car or even a pair of shoes. There is no question that particular home styles attract certain personalities, and determining your preference can be a great starting point in your search that will also guide you towards the perfect place to call home.   Take look at five common housing styles found throughout the Chicagoland area to help potential buyers find their perfect match.

American Colonial

Colonial style homes have a very distinct and patriotic look to them.  The classic architecture often includes a tall and rectangular façade with clean lines and symmetric columns flanking a prominent front door.  This style may appeal to a buyer with traditional values on a quest to achieve the American Dream.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod’s are a popular cottage style homes derived from New England and often associated with steep pitched roofs, cedar shake shingles, large dormers and charming shutters.   These cozy homes are often on the smaller side and may attract a single buyer or a small family who is drawn to the country-side lifestyle.  If your perfect Friday night entails sitting by the fire catching up on a good book, then a cape cod might be ideal for you!


Victorian inspired architecture is often vertical, ornamented and European looking in nature.  Standard Victorian characteristics often include wrap around porches, towers and a lot of color.  If your favorite U.S. city is San Francisco and you’re eclectic, detail oriented and like to stand out in the crowd, this may be the perfect style choice.

Row Home

Row homes are most known for being narrow and tall with multiple levels.  They are often found in cities, where space is limited and houses are required to be closely connected.  It is no secret that someone who may be attracted to this style of home is a city dweller who is social, appreciates being surrounded by people and likes a separation of space.  There are also great advantages to living in a row home, like rooftop decks, plenty of sun light and an urban-suburban feel to living.


Contemporary architecture is for someone who likes clean lines, glass and windows galore and open floor plans.  The perfect buyer for a modern house might be someone who is artsy, innovative, an entertainer and a lover of natural light.

American Colonial – Glencoe, IL – Claire Sucsy
American Colonial – Wilmette, IL – Annie Flanagan
Cape Cod – Western Springs, IL listed by Dave and Kathy Ricordati
Cape Cod – Hinsdale, IL listed by Anne Madden
Victorian – Chicago, IL listed by Jennifer Ames
Victorian – Wilmette, IL listed by Coldwell Banker Residential
Row Home – Chicago, IL listed by Chaz Walters
Row Home – Chicago, IL listed by Maura Vrabel
Ultra Modern – New Buffalo, MI listed by Chad Gradowski
Ultra Modern – Chicago, IL listed by Coldwell Banker Residential

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