Coffee Break with Fran Broude

Coffee Break with Fran Broude

President, COO

Fran Broude President, COO

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A: How to create more time in the day to leverage all the opportunities available to us. Technology and social media have opened up a whole new world of possibilities and we are constantly finding new ways of utilizing them to better serve our clients.

Q: As a local business, what has been your company’s biggest obstacle during the recession?

A: It’s no secret that the housing marketing has been extremely challenging over the past few years. The demographics of both buyers and sellers have changed dramatically and as a result, we have dedicated our resources to developing the tools our agents need to adapt to these changes. We invested in technology that gives them the resources to better market and sell properties.

Q: What is one important tip you would give someone just starting in the business today?

A: Building a business is all about relationships. It’s important to be persistent in relationship building which means making an effort to constantly communicate with family, friends, business associates and the people you interact with each and every day. Keeping in touch is so easy today due to a variety of social media sites, email and even written notes.

Q: Who is your biggest/best customer?

A: Quite simply, it’s our agents. They have great enthusiasm and passion and work very hard for their clients and the communities they serve. They are by far our most valuable asset and I am so proud to say that the best agents in our industry call Coldwell Banker home.

Q: How has business been this past year? 

A: The residential real estate market has been steadily improving. Due to a shortage in the inventory of homes and interest rates that remain at a record low, homes are selling fast and furious across the Chicagoland area!

Q: What is the key to your company’s success? 

A: Our agents and managers are the heartbeat of our organization. They are dedicated and committed to not only Coldwell Banker, but also their clients which make for a successful partnership.

Q: If you could put your company name on any sports venue, which one would you choose?

A: The United Center or US Cellular Field. We have wonderful partnerships with the Chicago White Sox and Blackhawks and our name appears at both venues frequently.

Q: What was your first paying job?

A:  I started a summer camp for neighborhood children in my parents’ backyard with one of my girlfriends. We planned all the activities for the kids and ran the camp for several summers. I was also a cashier at a local grocery store.

Originally posted by Kim Mikus the Daily Herald Business Ledger 

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