Inspired by a Quack

Duck Crossing

Guest blogger: Derek Light, Manager, E-Marketing 

light_derekThis a silly little story about how inspiration and creativity can come from anywhere.

I was driving into work and saw a duck standing on the side of the street on the crosswalk. I thought at first that was an interesting place for a duck. As I got closer he continued to stare at me as I passed, then he began to walk across the street. Odd – I thought.

I can assure you that I don’t know much about duck behavior, but this seemed weird to me. I thought to myself ‘That’s a bold duck.’ Two seconds later I was pulled over and firing up my GoDaddy app. Bold Duck would be an awesome name for something, anything and was available so I bought it right then.

Bold Duck Productions, Bold Duck Brewery, Bold Duck Children’s Clothes…it doesn’t matter what I end up doing with it, the point is to look around, inspiration is everywhere. 

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