Real Estate from a Newbie’s Perspective

Guest blogger: Brooke Balco, Communications Specialist 

Five months ago I started a new position at Coldwell Banker not knowing anything about real estate except of course that I liked to look at pretty houses and dream about someday owning one.  It’s crazy how much and how fast you can learn about something when you fully submerge yourself in it. 

With every new job comes an expected learning curve- a whole new lingo, different personalities, new responsibilities-but something about this transition seemed oddly smooth.  I jumped right in and started doing my research, read up on the current market trends and looked in to what the competition was doing.  While all that is obviously important, it dawned on me that the biggest advantage I had to learning the business was being an outsider and the ability to think about real estate the only way I knew how- like a consumer.  I started asking myself questions: What types of real estate stories would I want to read about in the news?  What would be the differentiating factor that would make me choose a particular agent or brokerage over another?  How would I go about beginning my own home search? What kind of advertising speaks to me?  Where do I go for my trusted information?  What “WOW” experience have I had with a sales person that made me give a raving review or swayed me to give a referral?

Brooke BalcoSometimes we get so caught up in the day to day grind of our jobs that we forget to stop and think about how our personal experiences can apply to how we do our jobs.  I found that putting myself in the shoes of a potential buyer or seller and drawing from my own experiences was the best way to understand and make a connection to real estate.  When in any sales or marketing environment, perhaps the best way to reach your target audience is to get in to their mind and start thinking like you’re one of them!

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