Achieving Curb Appeal with the Wow Factor

Lovely curb appeal in this North Barrington home listed by Ron Sever

Lovely curb appeal in this North Barrington home listed by Ron Sever

When it comes to selling your home, you always want it to stand apart from the competition. This is why the wow factor is so important in today’s market. The outside of your home is the first thing gives visitors an impression of what may be inside. If it fails to inspire from the outset, they may not even come to see the inside.

Typical tasks for increased curb appeal include: tidying the landscaping, removing dirt from the walkway and driveway, mowing the lawn and cleaning the windows. Going beyond these basics and dressing up your home with a few key accessories will give it the wow factor that will attract potential buyers to your property.

Modern House Numbers by Los Angeles Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Atlas Homewares

1. Add big, bold house numbers. It’s easy to swap out house numbers, and this one thing can make a huge impact. Echo your house style in the numbers you choose — a clean sans serif font for a modern house, hand-painted tiles for a cottage, or aged copper for a Prairie-style home.

Modern Exterior by Cambridge Architects & Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors

2. The front door makes a statement. Paint your door a fresh color to evoke the flavor of the home: green creates energy; red is inviting and draws the eye; black is elegant and dramatic; and orange is invigorating. Plus, add a door knocker. Gorgeous hardware and a new paint job can make even the plainest door welcoming.

Traditional Porch by Atlanta Architects & Designers Stephen Fuller Designs

3. Simple porch furniture entices you to visit and take a seat. A pair of matching rockers, Adirondack chairs or a cozy glider is a must when you have a front porch that is visible from the street. Having seating on your porch gives a friendly feel to your space.

Traditional Exterior by Rhinebeck Interior Designers & Decorators Mari Kirwood Design Associates

4. Planters and flowers give you color.  A window box full of bright red flowers livens up neutral exteriors. Or, add a few new pots with colorful flowers on either side of the door. Just like a beautiful necklace can make an entire outfit shine, striking flowers can give your home that final perfect touch.

5. Lighting can be the icing on the cake. Updating your current lighting fixture or adding a few solar lights along the pathway, or as an accent, will show potential buyers you have gone that extra step to create a unique place they can call home.

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