Winning the Cup Starts at Home

Chris_HaranGuest blogger: Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives (& Blackhawks fan)

Tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks take the final steps towards hockey’s ultimate goal:  the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks are back after a victorious 2010 campaign, and they match up against the Boston Bruins, who won it the year after Chicago. As true fans of the Hawks know, times weren’t always this great. It has been only a few short years since the miraculous turnaround in not only the success on the ice, but the success off as well.

Coldwell Banker Ad Campaign Blackhawks Minnesota-GAME20130503a-0783[1]

There is a lot that went into turning around the fortunes of this great team, but at its core was knowing how to treat the customers of the brand. It was an understanding and appreciation for the history of the franchise, as well as recognizing the expectations for greatness that Chicago has as a hockey town. Every action, strategy and decision always came back to “One Goal”. There’s a lot to be admired in such a shared sense of purpose by any organization, but especially when it is best represented by our hometown heroes.

2010 was also the first year that Coldwell Banker partnered with the Chicago Blackhawks as a sponsor. It was the second time we partnered with a sports team that won it all that year, as our partnership with the White Sox began in 2005 (Bears and Bulls…take note and call us). I’d like to say that we knew all along…and I think I will. Good luck to the Hawks, and hope we are listening to this song tonight…a lot.

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