A Dad’s Retrospective On Father’s Day

Guest Blogger: Derek Light, Manager, E-Marketing (& Dad)

Derek Light

Hello again everyone, it’s been a little while. I wrestled with this post, should it be serious and introspective? Just kidding, I didn’t wrestle with that all. If you want some introspection and meaning you want to bark up another tree. Maybe when the kids are older I’ll write that post, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

As an Ode to Chris Haran, I’ll say that I have almost 14 years of parenting experience! London will be six and the twins, Brinkley and Ainsley, will be four in the fall, so I’ve crawled out of the diaper stage and they’ve half started to listen. Maybe listening wouldn’t be an issue if they’d stop talking for five seconds.

Being a dad has always reminded me of my (very mediocre) golf game; there’s a lot of grinding but there are those beautiful shots that keep you coming back. That’s parenting, for all the cute pictures and unsolicited kisses there is a lot of grinding. It’s not that you don’t love them all the time but there’s a lot of labor to go with it.

That said these are some beautiful shots from the past year (for those of you that follow me on Twitter you know I’m a huge soccer and Redskins fan):

London Paige: ‘Dad will you be my soccer coach?’ I was shocked; I didn’t think she even liked soccer. After somehow clearing the AYSO background check, I’m an amoeba soccer coach. I can only tell you the best part of being a coach are the parents, yikes.

Brinkley James: I’ve got the kids in Costco; the girls are in the seats because they love their father, Brinkley is in the basket because he’s more concerned about what else is going on. Brinkley stands up, points to guy wearing a Cowboys hat and starts singing Hail to the Redskins, he even knows the second verse. That’s some good parenting. I wish I would have been faster with the camera but I was enjoying the moment.

Ainsley Grace: One of the bigger ironies in my life is Ainsley’s middle name being Grace. That kid would trip over lines on a basketball court. After practicing for over six months she did her little ballet routine without falling, she was so excited. If you’re a parent you know that when your kid is that excited about something, you are too.

Maybe I’ll have some advice next year, until then, have a great Father’s Day!

— Derek

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