Focusing On Success…and Trulia

Arlyn Tratt Broker Arlyn Tratt is a second generation real estate broker who has found that using social media and Trulia has made an impact on his business. He’s been in the business since 1996 and has seen many changes. When the market was down, he took the time to study marketing and found that focus was the key to success. In this case, he’s focused on a channel, Trulia, and a niche market, Lease to Own. In doing so, Arlyn has received 29 leads so far through Trulia and is a VIP without paying a dime. You can pay to become a ‘Pro’ on Trulia, but he’s used interactions and feedback to earn points and increase exposure in their ‘Find A Pro’ directory.

Arlyn began by simply copying and pasting his LinkedIn recommendations to his Trulia account. The person who made the initial recommendation is sent a link where they approve the comment, they are not asked to sign up for anything. Next, Arlyn went through his Facebook and his old transactions to find emails of previous clients. He asked those clients for recommendations as well. That part takes a little more determination, but he now has 42 recommendations and over 1,000 profile views on Trulia. And that’s just the beginning.

He has also received leads through answering questions on Trulia’s discussion boards. Arlyn specializes in Lease to Own programs, so he answers questions that are emailed to him through Trulia which reference his niche. The comments not only lead back to the people who posted the question, but also spreads to potential clients who Google a question then find his answer and profile in an old discussion. In this way, that discussion will live on and keep drawing people to his profile.

The third way Arlyn uses Trulia to build his business is by checking-in to properties using their App. You simply check-in to a property from your phone, and it appears on your Trulia account under “Homes I’ve Toured.” Trulia also sends the check-ins to Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook he’s had several interactions where people have commented, liked or shared his check-in. He even had a friend on Facebook share check-in to his son who was moving to check out.

Arlyn is proof that if you choose one thing and focus on it, you can have success. What is that thing for you? 

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