Why I Love Working with New Agents

— Joan Read, Senior Manager North Shore Office, Milwaukee Downtown Office

Coldwell Banker I really enjoy working with the new agents in our New Agent Development sessions. Fresh from the pre-licensing course, their thoughts are clustered with real estate phrases such as “riparian rights” and “quit claim” and all the ins and outs of Wisconsin statutes regarding the buying and selling of property. Then BANG! Now what?

Their enthusiasm is contagious at the start of the sessions. Now it is time to really learn the ins and outs of selling real estate. How do I find business? What are Sellers looking for when they want to put their house on the market? What are the Buyers needs? Do they want Buyer Agency? How do I work with other agents? How do I plan this as a business? Their enthusiasm is still high at the end of the sessions, but with a now added air of responsibility. This is a business that will give them opportunity, variety and stories galore along with well earned compensation for years to come!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Working with New Agents

  1. I work every day with Joan and she has an amazing way of teaching and is always so encouraging to new agents and all of us really!!! Go Joanie!

  2. I had Joanie (and several other Managers) for NAD, and it was well worth the time. All of CBRB’s managers are very knowledgeable, not only in the rules and reg’s, but in every day situations we face as agents …. I wouldn’t hesitate to call any one of them if my manager was unavailable. Great job everyone !

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