Golf, Fun and Fundraising

By Linda Schubring, Racine Manager

Coldwell Banker GolfOur Coldwell Banker office in Racine, WI is the proud sponsor of an annual golf tournament called the Coldwell Cup. This tradition began when the local school board, after crunching some numbers about 17 years ago, said that sports programming for our schools might have to be discontinued. The benefits of sports are limitless, they learn self esteem, teamwork, social skills and so much more.

So, after that shocking announcement, we created this golf tournament to help the schools continue with sports programming. The proceeds raised at the golf tournament go to the sports programs of our six local high schools. Every year we remain committed and involved with our community and are pleased to announce that 2013 will be our 16th year for the tournament. It will take place on May 18, 2013 at Ives Grove Golf Course. This is a 27 hole, 2 partner tournament and we are gratified to have continuing support from the golfing community, amateur and professional. Registrations are open until May 14 this year or until all spots are filled. Because of our dedicated Realtors and staff, to date we have raised over $45,000 for our local schools! Thank you to all who have helped us reach this remarkable achievement.

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