Go Green or Go Home!

– Brooke Balco, Communications Specialist, Coldwell Banker Central Region

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a day when billions of people across the world will raise awareness and take action for environmental protection. It is a reminder that EVERYDAY should be Earth Day, because all it takes are small gestures and modifications to how we live to make a difference, and a good place to start is in our homes.

There are many innovative ways to go green whether it’s recycling, installing tankless water heaters or updating to ENERGY STAR appliances. When it comes time to sell, these eco-friendly features can also help your home stand out amongst the competition.

RES-1649 Dublin Court Inverness IL-outside

Need inspiration? Check out this Inverness Lake home recently listed by Bob Untch in the Barrington office. Overlooking the Inverness Lake, this 7,300 square foot prairie style home was built with numerous energy efficient features that have proved to keep utility bills down significantly. A concrete roof with overhangs was designed with an angle to allow the winter sun to enter the home, but to be reduced in the summer. Included throughout the house are double and triple paned Pella windows, some with low-emissivity glass, creating an extra coating to reflect heat energy making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The home is listed for $1,299,500. To view the full listing with images, click here.

I challenge you to make an eco-conscious change in your life, big or small, starting today. Ready, set, GO GREEN or go home!

RES-1649 Dublin Court Inverness IL

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