The Dream of Giving Back

givehousing-ss– Amy Eiduke, Communications Director

The Coldwell Banker Foundation started as a dream…a dream to give back, a dream to make a difference, a dream to work together to help those in need. And, since 2007 we have done just that. This year was exceptional! Together we raised over $180,000 for our charitable partners! Amazing!!!

Now on the new you can hear from all of the people we help. There are inspirational videos and stories of the many, many people who have been helped by our partners. Click here to read how Justyn and Jordyn were helped by Bridge Communities or how Colleen was so moved by her time at Camp One Step and a Time that she became a counselor or how Chicago givehousing-ss2House supports people struggling with HIV and AIDS by providing safe, secure and affordable housing, and so many more…

These stories and these people in need are why we do what we do…why we are so proud of everything you have done to truly make a difference. Thank you!

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