Sometimes dreams you never had come to you anyway!

jo lay– Jo Lay, Relocation Director

I started my relocation career years ago just by accident.  I worked as a Human Resource Director and managed the marketing department of a publishing company that was being sold.  I was so tired of letting staff go during a horrible situation.  I loved working with people, but did not want to constantly be the bearer of bad news.

Out of the blue, a real estate broker called me to ask me to consider being his relocation director.  When I asked why he reached out to me he said, “You will be marketing to Human Resource contacts in our local corporations to offer our relocation services.”  Because you understand their needs and can market our company, I think you would be a great Relocation Director.”

jo layI love the book “God Winks.”  This situation was truly a “God Wink”, making my dream job come true.  Working with corporate transferees when they are stressed trying to sell their current home, or purchase their new dream home is my perfect job.  I love helping them solve their problems and have a happy ending, answering their dream of the next adventure in their lives and career.

Moving to Chicago in 2001 was another “Dream Come True”.  I love being here and working with the best real estate professionals in the country.  Our relocation services are outstanding and our company is truly the best in the Midwest!  We are always there when the corporation and the transferees need us the most!

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