– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

This post has nothing to do with a rotund, bearded fellow but I couldn’t resist the title.  However, like the Jelly of the Month Club, SEO is the gift that keeps on giving all year long (Christmas Vacation fans will get the Cousin Eddy reference, if you don’t check it out here).

Anywho, we have pushed out a few SEO enhancements to the property detail pages that are working out.  Similar Listings were added to the right side of the page below the agent information. Nearby Listings, Recent Sales, Newest listings and Cities and Communities near the search location were added to the bottom of the page.  See below for the images.

These enhancements add great content to the detail pages reinforcing the property address, name of the city and linking out to relevant pages.  This also creates a better user experience as they can form quick snapshots of the market as they browse listings.

How is the change working out?  Comparing the three weeks before the launch of the enhancements to the three weeks after, the detail page views increased by 33% almost exclusively from organic traffic.  Overall traffic increased 18% due to the rise in detail page views.  Nice.


Property Detail page: Similar Listings.

Property Detail page: Nearby Listings, Recent Sales, etc.

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