The Power of Video in Real Estate

– Emily Smith, Marketing Coordinator / Video Guru

By now it should be no surprise. Video is a powerful way to communicate, especially with the help of the internet and social media. Not only are people watching online videos more than ever before, but they are interacting with online videos by commenting and sharing them with their social networks. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, just imagine how much a video can be worth.

In real estate, online photos and text are the basis for explaining the features of a home fast and efficiently. But video, if done correctly, gives you a chance to convey more than just the facts and features, it can help you convey a lifestyle and connect to potential buyers on an even deeper level.

This past year, I have watched a lot of different online listing videos from all over the world. The most common, are videos comprised of photos of the home, or standard interior/exterior shots of the home. Although these are great, and it shows that the industry is starting to embrace the power of video, they do not evoke any more emotion than I would have had viewing the photos of the home, which I could do at my own pace.

I think that when using video many people see it as an additional way to tell the same story they are already telling through photos or text. To me, that seems like A LOT of extra work, time, and money to convey the same message that you have already put out there.

The difference is when agents view video as a tool to enhance the story that is already being told and give the audience (and potential buyers) something more. These are the videos that get shared with social networks and stick in people’s minds.

So, we know video is powerful and we know video is becoming much more popular, but to stand out, and use it effectively I encourage you all to keep it short, keep it concise, and think of it as a tool to supplement the facts and photos you already have out there rather than another option to get the same information.

Below are two of my favorite videos I have found on the web, that go above and beyond in providing this extra message and add something that cannot be shown with photos or text. The videos I have linked to are professionally done, but as a jumping off point Coldwell Banker On Location Video 101 provides some great tools on how to get started and more tips to think about when creating, uploading, and even editing your videos.

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