Every Picture Tells a Story…

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

…but online, it takes more than one. As agents, there is a natural inclination when you get a new listing to get it on the MLS as quickly as possible. So, maybe you run over, snap a quick exterior thinking, “I’ll get my professional shots done later.” Since you have your single photo, you upload that and the listing is now live for viewing on the MLS. Here is why that is a huge disservice to your seller.

Any real estate site worth its salt will allow a user to create a profile and set up alerts. Serious buyers will have their search criteria loaded up and they will be emailed daily with new properties that come onto the market. So, either the day of (on ColdwellBankerOnline, we get new listings from the MLS every few hours) or the day after you load your listing into the MLS, those serious buyers will get alerted about your property. If there are five new properties, and yours is the only one without multiple photos, what listings do you think get looked at? And remember, there isn’t a second alert that goes out when the photos are ready for your property.

What has happened is that the serious buyers (you know, the ones ready to buy now) will go after the homes they want quickly. They don’t have time to waste waiting on your photos to show up. They want to find their house now…before someone else does. If you are serious about selling a home, make sure you get the photos done before you put it online.

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