– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

This post has nothing to do with a rotund, bearded fellow but I couldn’t resist the title.  However, like the Jelly of the Month Club, SEO is the gift that keeps on giving all year long (Christmas Vacation fans will get the Cousin Eddy reference, if you don’t check it out here).

Anywho, we have pushed out a few SEO enhancements to the property detail pages that are working out.  Similar Listings were added to the right side of the page below the agent information. Nearby Listings, Recent Sales, Newest listings and Cities and Communities near the search location were added to the bottom of the page.  See below for the images. Read More

Here’s to Thanksgiving at Home

– David Marine Senior Director, Consumer Engagement, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

The old holiday tune There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays is a classic melody, but to many of us the lyrics are more than just a catchy song. While many associate this holiday classic with Christmas, if you look at the words it’s actually more applicable to Thanksgiving. See for yourself:

Oh! There’s no place like home for the holidays,
‘Cause no matter how far away you roam,
If you wanna be happy in a million ways,
For the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home!

Take a bus, take a train, go and hop an aeroplane,
Put the wife an’ kiddies in the family car!
For the pleasure that you bring when you make that doorbell ring,
No trip could be too far! Read More

The Power of Video in Real Estate

– Emily Smith, Marketing Coordinator / Video Guru

By now it should be no surprise. Video is a powerful way to communicate, especially with the help of the internet and social media. Not only are people watching online videos more than ever before, but they are interacting with online videos by commenting and sharing them with their social networks. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, just imagine how much a video can be worth.

In real estate, online photos and text are the basis for explaining the features of a home fast and efficiently. But video, if done correctly, gives you a chance to convey more than just the facts and features, it can help you convey a lifestyle and connect to potential buyers on an even deeper level. Read More

Every Picture Tells a Story…

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

…but online, it takes more than one. As agents, there is a natural inclination when you get a new listing to get it on the MLS as quickly as possible. So, maybe you run over, snap a quick exterior thinking, “I’ll get my professional shots done later.” Since you have your single photo, you upload that and the listing is now live for viewing on the MLS. Here is why that is a huge disservice to your seller. Read More