Apple vs Android: the Follow Up

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

So, awhile back I had to make a tough decision…Apple or Android? It was time to give up the Blackberry, and the choice I faced was agonizing. I even put together a whole presentation about my choice! And after hours of research and polling, I picked…

…Android, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Note. But, it wasn’t because of any Apple prejudice or Android fanboyism. See, I had very specific needs and wants in a phone. I needed a huge screen with big buttons to counter my fat thumbs. I wanted a stylus so I wouldn’t have to touch the screen and smudge it up. And, I knew that battery life was going to be a problem and wanted to be able to sub in a back up battery if needed. After realizing all of this, the choice became easy.

So, when you are mulling over your next phone selection, ask yourself what you want in a phone and also what you DON’T want in a phone. The choice might be easier than you think.

8 thoughts on “Apple vs Android: the Follow Up

  1. My LG Spectrum Andriod was the best tech purchase I have ever made. I could not be happier. Big screen for old eyes and apps that download in seconds. So nice, I bought my wife and son the same phone. Google has won me over, and I think all Blackberry users should drop the phone asap and come into the light. You will not be sorry.

  2. Chris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks for the information,,, My wife’s contract with Sprint is soon to expire and we are looking. Very discusted with Sprint (drop calls daily) My contract expires in January and i will get the same phone that she gets,,,, Thanks Again ,,

  3. This couldn’t be more timely Chris!!! I have the very first I-phone ever created (and, have hated it since day one! Just try to answer that phone in Chicago in November – nope, can’t do it – because you have your gloves on!). I have been TRYING to buy the I-phone 5 since they came out – none available! Everyone keeps telling me I will love the new I-phone. Maybe, since I can’t seem to find one – it’s the universe telling me to buy the Galaxy! I may not have “fat” fingers, lol, but, I do like the stylus idea.

    ….you do realize who I’ll blame if I hate it though right? 🙂 just kidding!

  4. I have the new Verizon Droid M I love it even more than the Droid II. I have discovered Evernote and now the Zoom Tablet, computer, and phone all talk to each other. I am not a techie person
    however I was able to figure this out and I am lovin’ it.

  5. I’m loving my new iPhone 5, it’s doing so much more than my old LG Optimus S did. So far no issues with the iPhone and it’s very easy to use.

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