The REO Expert Believes in Home Ownership

Frank DeNovi, Broker, Northwest

Make no mistake about it, the REO expert is critical in assisting in the stabilization of the housing market and increasing the opportunity of home ownership.

The REO business is a specialty business. It is a a unique segment of the real estate industry that requires special skills, talents, training, and work ethic that is not for everyone. It requires organization, state of the art marketing and management systems and a skilled professional sales and property management team.

We are the Marine Corps of the real estate business. “First In, Last Out”. From pre- foreclosure until closing. The thousand dollar property to the multiple-million dollar one. The rodent, flea infested hole in the wall to the country estate. Read More

House Hunting

Amy Curtis, Broker, Orland Park

Good Will Hunting, the 1996 film starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams is one of my favorite movies. I love the story, the characters, the dialogue…it’s just so good.  There’s a scene in the movie that has always stuck with me. It’s the scene of one of Will’s therapy sessions in which Will’s is telling his  therapist Shawn, played by Robin Williams about the perfect girl that he has met and Shawn in response tells Will about his late wife.  He tells Will about how it was his wife’s little idiosyncrasies, her little quirks that only he knew about that he most remembered and loved about her. Read More