A few rounds of the US vs. Europe

– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

A brief overview:  Every two years since 1926 the US has played golf against Britain/Europe in the Ryder Cup.  Each team consists of 12 players and the site alternates between US and British courses. The field opened to all of Europe in 1979 to make the Ryder Cup a more competitive event, the US had won 19 of 20 cups since 1937.  Since then it’s 8 to 7 bad guys.  Yes, Mr. Ryder was an actual person, click here for more on Samuel Ryder.

Why is it fun?  The Ryder Cup is for bragging rights, it’s us vs. them.  Not to mention the home team gets the advantage of tweaking the course to favor their team.  Maybe narrow a fairway, add a bunker or plant trees to get a leg up on your opponent.  It’s all part of the gamesmanship that makes this rivalry unique.  And if you like celebrities there are those too.

Why watch it this year?  2010 produced a hard fought one point victory for the Europeans; this year looks to be as close.  The top names will be swinging, Tiger, Phil, Sergio and Rory.  I should add Brandt Snedeker’s name to that list as he won the FedEx cup and $11.44 million last Sunday, not too shabby.  Finally this year’s Ryder Cup is being hosted in our back yard at the Medinah Country Club in the Western suburbs.  Who knows, maybe the winners will drink some 312 out the cup?

Here are some homes in the area:

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