Buyers Make Their Own Dreams Come True

The Laynes family.

Jacqui Malizia, Branch Manager, Flossmoor

I recently had a multiple offer situation on a newly listed home in Olympia Fields. All parties knew there were other offers being presented. This letter arrived and I was asked to present it to the seller with the offer. The seller was so impressed with the buyer’s desire to personalize their offer and spent a lot of time talking about the buyers and their desire to own his home, then…the seller accepted their offer!

Years ago, before offers were faxed or emailed, the buyer’s agent actually sat down with the seller and the seller’s agent to present the buyer’s offer. The buyer’s agent was able to give additional background about the purchaser and appeal to the seller on a more emotional level.

The buyers, the Laynes family, did the same thing with their letter, they took action and demonstrated their desire and appreciation for the seller’s home. It worked and they are now living in their dream home.

2 thoughts on “Buyers Make Their Own Dreams Come True

  1. RIGHT ON !! I just was involved with another multiple offer. The home had a total of 7 offers in one day with more in the wings. I convinced my buyer to put a list of the “special points” together about his offer. The list was “stretched” to look larger. For example: it was a cash offer with no mortgage or appraisal so I used all three points on separate lines. The 2 points that sealed the acceptance were– really quick close and the buyer would take the responsibility to remove all remaining items the heirs to the estate could not or would not want to remove. Also, the listing agent was not from our area so I drove to his out of area office and meet with him. It gave me the chance to review the bonuses and benefits of my clients offer. I became my clients “cheerleader”. Suffice it to say it worked! I have done this before and I do believe taking the time to do it and meeting the agent in person really helps secure the property for your client. AND, I found out a couple of the other offers were actually higher in price but didn’t appear as professional, clean and secure as ours did. The listing agent told me the Executor for the estate was so impressed by the “special points” list. He felt it offered security and comfort for all the heirs.
    I encourage all of us to take the time to not just email an offer but try to meet with the other agent. Let’s put a face on our transactions.
    Happy Selling!

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