The Mobile Digital Broker Becomes a Reality

– Rich Rogala, Digital Strategist / Business Development Coach, Chicago Region

It’s amazing to look back to the start of this century and see how far technology has advanced, especially in real estate. Who would have thought that we would be handing clients our tablets to view information about properties as we drive them to the next showing?

Do you remember when PC Access was the most amazing tool for searching properties?  I’m still amazed at how accurate that tool actually was. The principles of marketing ourselves and our properties have not changed, and neither has our dedication to clients. But the tools and technology available to us has made our business lives much easier.

I dream of the day when all real estate professionals take advantage of these mobile tools to operate their business in a completely paperless way. The big question is, what if all real estate professionals had a tablet that they could use to run their business?  One idea I have is for agents using tablets to operate their business from the “cloud”. Homebase lets Coldwell Banker agents have access to their documents from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Nowadays you can create a relationship with just about anyone by utilizing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I can see agents handing clients their tablet and letting them take notes, photos and videos to save to Evernote while touring properties, then sending them their own personalized record of homes they liked by email as they are done showing them properties. Here they can review all of their favorite features on their time, allowing the decision-making process to be easier. Clients can even sign documents right from their tablet or computer using DocuSign.

The creativity that all of the different applications provide is quite amazing.  For instance, Instagram is one of my personal favorites. You can become a Neighborhood Expert just by putting together some interesting and engaging photos from your mobile device, and sharing the photos with your social networks.

This is my dream, and I see it starting to come closer to reality every day!

Rich Rogala is the Digital Strategist and Business Development Coach for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Chicago Region as well as a Digital Storyteller | Business Artist | Father | Sports Guy | Hot Dog & Sandwich Connoisseur | Music Lover | Husband | Fantasy Football Champ

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