Story Telling for Your Brand

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

The most crucial component of marketing and ultimately selling your brand is being able to tell (and sell) your story. What makes you essential to your clients? Why are you so much better than the competition that for a prospective consumer to choose anyone else would be ludicrous? An easy way to tell your story succinctly and simply is to have quotables. These are strong, emotional statements about your brand, your story. They are meant to be remembered, to be repeated.

To give you an example, I want to share with you what are some of my quotables for the Coldwell Banker brand and for our company. Some are based around facts; others on tools; and still others are simply emotional. Take a look, and then decide what some of your quotables are and leave them in the comments.

-Coldwell Banker has been, is and will continue to be the dominant real estate leader.
-With the FAB Plus and, your home gets the best online exposure in the industry.
-Outside of Chicago and Wisconsin, people actually know who Coldwell Banker is.
-Agents who want to make a living work for other companies. Agents who want to be superstars work for Coldwell Banker.
-Coldwell Banker. Where Home Begins.

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