A few rounds of the US vs. Europe

– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

A brief overview:  Every two years since 1926 the US has played golf against Britain/Europe in the Ryder Cup.  Each team consists of 12 players and the site alternates between US and British courses. The field opened to all of Europe in 1979 to make the Ryder Cup a more competitive event, the US had won 19 of 20 cups since 1937.  Since then it’s 8 to 7 bad guys.  Yes, Mr. Ryder was an actual person, click here for more on Samuel Ryder.

Why is it fun?  The Ryder Cup is for bragging rights, it’s us vs. them.  Not to mention the home team gets the advantage of tweaking the course to favor their team.  Maybe narrow a fairway, add a bunker or plant trees to get a leg up on your opponent.  It’s all part of the gamesmanship that makes this rivalry unique.  And if you like celebrities there are those too. Read More

Foundation Awareness Month

Hi all,

September is Foundation Awareness month, and I know I’ve said this before but I am proud of all that we have accomplished together.  I want to again say thank you for all that you do to help those in need in the communities we serve. Our efforts are helping homeless families who need a place to call home, abuse victims, runaway youth and so many more.

Our Foundation began in late 2007 with one charity, and we now have 28 partners. We have raised over $500,000 for these many housing-related charities! Remarkable! This growth has been because of you and your dedication, compassion, and generosity. Here’s a new video that highlights what our Foundation does and who we are. Please take a moment to watch this video and then share it with your colleagues, clients, and community partners.

Together we are making a difference!

Thank you,


Buyers Make Their Own Dreams Come True

The Laynes family.

Jacqui Malizia, Branch Manager, Flossmoor

I recently had a multiple offer situation on a newly listed home in Olympia Fields. All parties knew there were other offers being presented. This letter arrived and I was asked to present it to the seller with the offer. The seller was so impressed with the buyer’s desire to personalize their offer and spent a lot of time talking about the buyers and their desire to own his home, then…the seller accepted their offer!

Years ago, before offers were faxed or emailed, the buyer’s agent actually sat down with the seller and the seller’s agent to present the buyer’s offer. The buyer’s agent was able to give additional background about the purchaser and appeal to the seller on a more emotional level.

The buyers, the Laynes family, did the same thing with their letter, they took action and demonstrated their desire and appreciation for the seller’s home. It worked and they are now living in their dream home.

Single Property Websites from Homefinder

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

We’ve talked about Single Property Websites from Homefinder before, but as we go into the fall season and then business planning after that, it’s always good to get a refresher. A Single Property Website is dedicated to one listing, and it includes property information from ColdwellBankerOnline.com that is updated on a daily basis. For Coldwell Banker agents, they are only $10 for a year (and that will also enhance your properties on ChicagoTribune and Homefinder.com for a year from purchase as well)! Let’s take a look at some numbers around these websites. Read More

The Mobile Digital Broker Becomes a Reality

– Rich Rogala, Digital Strategist / Business Development Coach, Chicago Region

It’s amazing to look back to the start of this century and see how far technology has advanced, especially in real estate. Who would have thought that we would be handing clients our tablets to view information about properties as we drive them to the next showing?

Do you remember when PC Access was the most amazing tool for searching properties?  I’m still amazed at how accurate that tool actually was. The principles of marketing ourselves and our properties have not changed, and neither has our dedication to clients. But the tools and technology available to us has made our business lives much easier. Read More

Story Telling for Your Brand

– Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

The most crucial component of marketing and ultimately selling your brand is being able to tell (and sell) your story. What makes you essential to your clients? Why are you so much better than the competition that for a prospective consumer to choose anyone else would be ludicrous? An easy way to tell your story succinctly and simply is to have quotables. These are strong, emotional statements about your brand, your story. They are meant to be remembered, to be repeated. Read More