What’s in the Hopper for ColdwellBankerOnline.com?

– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

Why a hopper?  US Open begins this week and while the American men have fallen off the face of the Earth tennis will be played and Ms. Williams the younger will roll through the women’s bracket if recent history is any indication.

Does anyone want to pick up the Connors, McEnroe, Sampras, Agassi torch?  I’d even take a once-in-a-lifetime Mike Chang ’89 French Open style effort from the disappointing but likable Andy Roddick (20) or more likely from John Isner (9).  I’ll take a good run to make it interesting, just give me something other than a Federer / Djokovc final.

On to the hopper, there are some exciting changes coming to ColdwellBankerOnline.com in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

  • Photos size will increase to a maximum of 1200 x 900.
  • ‘View Larger Photos’ button will appear if photos are larger than the current 425×319.
  • User accounts will be rebranded as HomeBase Inbox with new features such as easy access to saved properties and searches.
  • HomeBase Inbox will be added to the mobile site providing a seamless transition from mobile to desktop. (This is my favorite, have to wait on this until Q4.)
  • There are also various behind the scene changes to improve SEO, this never stops.

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