Who Knew?

– Randy Roach, eMarketing/Business Coach

You never really know what to expect in any situation until you’re right in the middle of it.  When I joined the Coldwell Banker family in January of 2011 as eMarketing & Business Coach, I expected to be doing the traditional type of training that all large businesses do.

However, that’s the sort of thing that makes for very dull blog posts, and that’s certainly not what happened in my case.  Almost from my first day here, I heard about CBeCast.  It didn’t actually exist yet, but it was going to be this great place for agents to share expertise and best practices on lots and lots of real estate topics using video.  It was supposed to be something that everyone could use in all 6 regions and every office.  OK, great, so we got started trying to figure out how to actually make this thing happen.

That was January of 2011.  Since then I’ve become a graphic designer, webmaster, project manager, video editor, director, producer, actor, social media aficionado, and professional scrounger.  I use conference rooms and offices as impromptu video studios and can carry more equipment on my back than a pack mule.  We shoot on location in such exotic places as Mequon and Highland.  We’ve created hundreds of videos and posted them to CBeCast, having lots of fun in the process!

The best part about doing CBeCast is the reaction we continually get from our CBRB community.  First of all, we’ve had a whole string of agents that were willing to share their expertise and advice in front of the camera which is no small feat!  We keep coming up with great relevant topics for videos, and we always find wonderful willing agents to talk about them.  Second, we constantly hear from agents who are so appreciative of the videos on CBeCast, and even from managers who show the videos at their meetings.

Of course, we still make PowerPoints.  The difference now is that the PowerPoint presentation is just one step in a much larger process.  So remember, when you see a new video on CBeCast, it’s just me having fun with a green screen and a camcorder.  So until my true dream of becoming a professional jouster comes true, I’ll see you on video!

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