Some Things Never Change

Jeff Polanzi, Regional Vice President, Northwest Region

When I turned sixteen I saved my money and bought my first car. It was a 1972 Jeep CJ5 and after I learned how to drive a manual transmission I was hooked on the adventure of off-roading. I kept the Jeep for a number of years and finally sold it thinking there was something better suited for me. (I was wrong.)

Then life got in the way, job on the East Coast, married, two kids, bought and sold many cars and the Jeep became a pleasant memory but  I always wanted to recapture the feeling the first time I drove my jeep in the dirt. Fast forward 34 years and I had an opportunity to buy a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. My circumstances had changed, I was single, kids grown and on their own (well almost) so I purchased the Jeep and within a month I was on my first Jeep Jamboree.

Jeep Jamboree’s are organized events across the county to bring Jeep enthusiasts together to share the off road experience. To date I have been on 10 Jamborees with another scheduled in October. I have also been to Colorado twice to explore the thousands of miles of trails in the Rockies which have given me views to die for and memories of a lifetime! I have modified my Jeep to be even more capable off road and now have the Jeep I have always dreamed of.

One of my new dreams is to someday experience the Rubicon Trail in California.  The Rubicon is Jeepers heaven on earth for Jeep nerds like me, but until then I will find balance driving with the top down and doors off and enjoy what life throws my way.

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