What’s in the Hopper for ColdwellBankerOnline.com?

– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

Why a hopper?  US Open begins this week and while the American men have fallen off the face of the Earth tennis will be played and Ms. Williams the younger will roll through the women’s bracket if recent history is any indication.

Does anyone want to pick up the Connors, McEnroe, Sampras, Agassi torch?  I’d even take a once-in-a-lifetime Mike Chang ’89 French Open style effort from the disappointing but likable Andy Roddick (20) or more likely from John Isner (9).  I’ll take a good run to make it interesting, just give me something other than a Federer / Djokovc final. Read More

Never Stop Dreaming

Regional Vice President, City Region, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage– Kathy Kalnes, Regional Vice President, City Region

When I was in grade school, the teachers used to tell my mom that I would be a better student if I wasn’t daydreaming so much.  First of all, if they were better teachers, maybe I would have paid more attention to them!  More importantly, my mom never told me to stop dreaming.  Smart mom!!

Dreams ebb and flow.  What I dreamt about in grade school, high school, and college no longer matter. Read More

ColdwellBankerOnline.com Explodes Some More

ColdwellBankerOnline.com website traffic continued its upward trajectory in June. Below are some statistics and highlights.

  1. Listing views on ColdwellBankerOnline increased by over 37%, with over 1.2 million views on listings alone in June.
  2. Agent profiles and branded websites were looked at over 115,000 times in June (get those profiles updated).
  3. Total leads for the month were 12,566, which is 4,500 leads over the monthly average for 2011.

Grandfathered Marketing

– Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

London at her favorite spot on the beach.

First a little background, my Dad lives in Virginia about 850 miles away from my four and half year old daughter in Illinois.  He’s seen her no more than a handful of times in her life, so how is it that she asks about him every day?  Creating and marketing the ‘Grandfather’ brand.  To be clear I don’t think dear old Dad sat down wrote a marketing strategy for his geographically challenged relationship.  However there was a sense of urgency to connect, stay top of mind and to let her know that he has a profound interest in her.  Isn’t this what we’re all trying to do? Read More

Some Things Never Change

Jeff Polanzi, Regional Vice President, Northwest Region

When I turned sixteen I saved my money and bought my first car. It was a 1972 Jeep CJ5 and after I learned how to drive a manual transmission I was hooked on the adventure of off-roading. I kept the Jeep for a number of years and finally sold it thinking there was something better suited for me. (I was wrong.)

Then life got in the way, job on the East Coast, married, two kids, bought and sold many cars and the Jeep became a pleasant memory but  I always wanted to recapture the feeling the first time I drove my jeep in the dirt. Fast forward 34 years and I had an opportunity to buy a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. My circumstances had changed, I was single, kids grown and on their own (well almost) so I purchased the Jeep and within a month I was on my first Jeep Jamboree. Read More